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The Hidden King of England


Arma Christi 

Unveiling the Rose

Volumes    I   II   III    IV    V


The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose

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 1200 pages, 750 photos

Royal Marks revealed for the first time . . .


Princess Victoria of Kent secretly married Blind Prince George of Cumberland in 1834 and had a legitimate firstborn son. Marcos Manoel was exiled in great secrecy to Portugal.

As an orphan, he received a chest full of Royal Marks from Queen Victoria proving his birthright – the Vine Lineage of Kingship.

The Occult Royal Prince Marcos Manoel became the Rightful Heir to the Crown of England, Scotland, Ireland, of Hannover, and the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha – the Hidden King of England.

He was crowned King John II of England in 1869.

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Vol. I
224 pages,
color pictures throughout
Hardcover with Bookmark
ISBN 978-0-9852278-3-8
€ 44 plus P&P


The Royal Marks were delivered to Marcos Manoel soon after his 16th birthday by the  Governess of all the Royal Children, Viscountess Frances Jocelyn alongside King Dom Ferdinand II of Portugal.

Other Marks were presented at his marriage, and as he was increasingly recognised as Prince le Favori – the Favourite Prince of Queen Victoria.

These Royal Marks define the Lineage and Kingship of Marcos Manoel.

As part of “the Shin” or Forbidden Secret, the public were to remain uninformed until 2012, but all Royalty knew this secret . . .

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To Be or not To Be in True Kingship’.


Vol. II
216 pages,
color pictures throughout
Hardcover with Bookmark
ISBN 978-0-9852278-4-5
€ 44 plus P&P


The Rosicrucian Royal Society codified Kingship in such a way that it would be instantly recognisable, but hidden until the time was right.

Kingship is recorded in the Land, in Landmarks, in Marks and over Time and in the Timing, such that none could be imitators.

Francisco Manoel’s Kingship is recorded as such, revealed upon his birth, outlining his first destiny as King.

Meanwhile the British Flat Lie Royal Monarchy assumed a Royal ‘House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’, co-opted the German title ‘Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’, usurped the ‘Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’, stripped Germany of its Emperors and Kingdoms, then destroyed the Almanach de Gotha.

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Vol. III
320 pages,
color pictures throughout
Hardcover with Bookmark
ISBN 978-0-9852278-5-2
€ 44 plus P&P


Code-breaking the “Words worth of Faith” show Jesus’ access into Regni, England, his promotion to King of Regis, his elevation to (Lord) Mayor of London, his planning of that Commune as a Fortified Lion on an Island Lake, and the naming of “London” after the descendants of his mother.

Jesus of England left a legacy set in stone as Temple Bar, Common Law, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the Lord Mayor of London’s Mansion House and Annual Parade, as well as London place names revealing his Egyptian mystery school training.

Queen Victoria opened Blackfriars Bridge & Holborn Viaduct on 6 October 1869 to mark Marcos Manoel’s Coronation as the Occult King John II of England.

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Vol. IV
200 pages,
color pictures throughout
Hardcover with Bookmark
ISBN 978-0-9852278-6-9
€ 44 plus P&P


“The Collar of the Sovereign Order of the Sangrëal, the Dynastic Order of the Royal Scottish House of Stuart, of the Knights of the Holy Grail” held by the True Vine Lineage of Jesus allowed the ‘Messianic Code’ to be decodified, its secrets revealed . . .

The “R.S.H.E. 21” Francisco Manoel is the prime holder of this ‘Messianic Code’ and wears its Collar for both Scotland and England, and is the bearer of the Mark of Silves “Ego Manoel Britannia Rex” I Manoel King of Britain.

Jesus of the Algarve’s reburial in 1150 established the ‘First Christian-Muslim pact in Europe’, much of Silves’ history and consequently the history of Monarchies of Spain, Portugal and the Algarves from which emerged the Monarchies of England & Europe.

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Vol. V
216 pages,
color pictures throughout
Hardcover with Bookmark
ISBN 978-0-9852278-7-6
€ 44 plus P&P

The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose
Vol. I, II, III, IV, V

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