Are You My Father ?

Are You My Father ?

The Final Mountbatten Report

Greg Hallett & the Spymaster

The Final Mountbatten Report


Christopher Robin goes to War

This report was requested by Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1976. It was not released by the Mountbatten Library so the original author passed it to the publishers thirty years later, citing the wishes of Mountbatten.

This is the story of Churchill, Morton, Mountbatten and Ian Fleming’s Paladin − who from the age of 15½ was a contract killer carrying out some of the great deceptions that turned World War Two.

As a British Double Agent, he played off German Double and Triple Agents and showed them around Top Secret British Naval bases in order to leak secrets and mislead the Germans. He blew up a Dutch submarine; blew up an entire German U-boat base in Ireland; met with Hitler with a clear opportunity to kill him; then met with Field Marshal Rommel which ended in the most excruciating torture scene.

His attempts at suicide failed and were quickly followed by an amazingly brave rescue by British doctors masquerading as a Nazi SS death squad just moments before D-Day. He admits to the murder of two British signals staff that had interpreted the coded messages: ‘Japanese Aircraft Carriers headed towards Pearl Harbor’, and admits to the murder of the French Admiral Darlan.

Just before becoming the new James Bond, he attempted to shoot his British controllers, and all through it, continues his love affair with music and women. Undoubtedly this book is filled with all the detail and angst of war.

This is the forerunner to Operation JAMES BOND.

Hardcover, 376 pages, with gold print on front and gold colored bookmark, ISBN 978-0985227807
UK £30
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Are You My Father